"I would like to thank everyone who has donated to the Pet Pantry over the years. Every donation, whether it be large or small has helped some family and their pet in need."

-Carol Terranova

Aaliyah, Alfonso, Alexis, Jaclyn, and Brianna

Many thanks to Alexis and her RIC classmates Brianna, Jaclyn, Aaliyah, and Alfonso for choosing Maggie's Pet Pantry as their class marketing  project. Wish we had them at the very beginning at the start of the pantry. We were a group of friends with a big dream but no marketing experience. But thanks to them we have a lot of fresh ideas to help us going forward in the future.


Alexis became involved with the Pantry in her senior year at Exeter West Greenwich High School as part of her senior project. She held a fundraiser at school to help collect food. At Dan's Place she also had a "Maggie's night", where a percentage of each diner's meal went to the Pantry.

She is now a junior at RIC and she with a group of friends are helping the Maggie's Pet Pantry with our marketing campaign.


"Helping animals is my passion and I have always drawn inspiration from them, and grew a desire to help them and their owners. Therefore, a few years ago, I decided to do my part and donate to the pets and owners so that I could feel as if I had done something to help a struggling animal in need, and that because of my actions, I knew one less animal was hungry in the world."

Thanks Tia for your love of animals and taking the time for a project of which you thoughtfully donated the proceeds to the Pet Pantry.

Ben and Maddie

Thanks to Ben and Maddie for asking for donations of pet food for the Pet Pantry instead of birthday presents. They have done this for several years and it's really been appreciated. Thank you mom and dad for raising such great kids!


Thank you so much Bri for setting up the donation box at Doggie Depot! You've been a huge help in raising donations and awareness.


"Carol started coming to Doggie Depot with Maggie herself and it was love at first groom. We would set up a drop box for (dog) food donations during the holidays, but we decided we should keep it up all year round. Doggie Depot is now a permanent donation sight for dog and cat food."

Danielle is the owner of Doggie Depot. We would like to thank her for supporting the set up of Maggie's donation box at her business.


Carol's good friend Mary - who volunters at the Charlestown Animal Shelter, taking care of the cats there - has been most generous with her donations to the Pet Pantry on a regular basis. Thank you Mary!