Hear from Pet Pantry Customers


"The Pantry has helped me so much through the years. Carol has always been very helpful and accommodating with advice. It is always a pleasure to see her and my dog Crystal loves her!"

- Debra, from Richmond

Zorro and Zenna

"The Pet Pantry, in no uncertain terms, has kept my dogs alive!"

- Sydda, from Westerly


"I have been coming to the Pet Pantry for about 3 years. Carol has been most helpful, not just with food for Elliot but also helped him with medical needs."

- Susan


"The Pet Pantry has helped me very much. I'm on a limited income and the pantry has been a tremendous help."

- Charlene, from Hope Valley

Taz and Ruby

"I appreciate what Maggie's Pet Pantry does for me! They are great and friendly people and I wouldn't know what to do without them. Sometimes it is hard to feed yourself never mind the animals! I salute Maggie Pet Pantry! Great job. And God Bless You All for the help!!!"

- Brenda


"The Pet Pantry has helped with food for my dog in my time of need and I'm very thankful for it!!"

- Randy, a single parent from Richmond


I have been bringing my dog to Maggie's Pet Pantry since she was 6 months old. Now she is 2 years old. What a great experience it has been for her socially. She gets so excited every time she sees Carol. I'm very thankful for meeting Carol and all the help when serving animals in need.

- Jennifer Deoliveira